Welcome to the Threaded Case Study (TCS) project for Cisco Systems Networking Academy Semester 3 - project made by Arsene Ionut.

The purpose of the Threaded Case Study is to allow Cisco Networking Academy students to apply the knowledge that they have gained during their Cisco Studies to a real life example.

A large school district nominally located in Phoenix, Arizona will be the field model that is included in the TCS. Each student will be given architectural drawings (electronically) of the various schools and he will submit a final design document of their project at the end of semester4.

Taking these into account my nominated school was Mountain Sky High School.

From this point on, I'll have to effectively design Mountain Sky's network, place the router and switches accordingly, choose classrooms' hubs, all LAN cables and RJ45 jacks, and also high school's servers: Administrative server, Application server, E-mail/DNS server, DHCP server and Library server.
Every room has 24 curriculum computers and one is for the teacher, so there will be 25 at all per room.

My Mountain Sky TCS project will be divided in the following chapters:
Cap.1 Requirements
Cap.2 Wiring map
Cap.3 Main Distribution Facility/Intermediate Distribution Facility (MDF/IDF) details
Cap.4 VLANs
Cap.5 IP addressing scheme
Cap.6 Cable runs (cutsheet)
Cap.7 Router configuration (an example for a general case, applicable to our Cisco router as well)
Cap.8 Security configuration (Access Control Lists) on Router
Cap.9 Details about the equipment used

The Cisco Networking Academy I was enrolled in is located in Bucharest, Romania at the Faculty of Automatics and Computers from University "Politehnica" of Bucharest.
To help me achieve the aims of this project my Cisco Networking Academy instructor is Mr. Octavian Purdila, who has Cisco's CCNA & CCAI certifications since 2001 and he is a Networking Academy instructor since October 2000.
Also lots of thanks to World's best search engine Google - World's best search engine

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